Kid-Friendly Baltimore

Spinning Horses, Lights, and Carnival Music: The Charm City Carousel, Photos Courtesy of Diana Sugg
This handsome five-year old is enjoying his first ride on a big carousel horse at the Inner Harbor carousel just down the street from his house.  It is only fitting that I feature him in my first blog post dedicated specifically to kids and family fun, since he and his big brother came up with the idea while looking at my blog with their mother, a good friend of mine.
Rides cost just $3, and if the kids really like it or bring their friends, parents can buy in bulk (4 for $10 or 10 for $20).  Despite its location in the midst of Baltimore's major tourist attractions and obvious appeal to tourists, the carousel is also a nice treat for Baltimore's youngest residents.
Even the gloomy weather fails to dampen the charm of the carousel.

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